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Welcome to the Summer  edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2016-2017 school year. Please   feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you.

If   there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.

NOA Northern Officials’ Association


Winter  Edition   8/26/16

Jerry Blum --Editor

(847) 438-2231


NOA Officers (2016-2018)

·      General Chairman:  Mike Babicz

·      Secretary:  Jerry Blum

·      Treasurer:  Randy Steen

·      Membership Chairman: Pete Androus

·      FB President:  Dave Butts

·      BB President: Chuck Valle



Please send any pictures you have of yourself officiating to Darnell Jones so he can post them on Facebook. His e-mail idjay1960@gmail.com



The next board meeting is Monday, September 12th  if you have any items you would like to be considered please let a board member know.



You must have your State mandated   “Concussion Test” completed by Sept. 1st or you will be put on probation till you do take it.


NOA-AOS Combined Meeting


Sam Knox, new IHSA assistant director in charge of officials, has agreed to be the keynote speaker for the annual combined meeting of the NOA and AOS.

The meeting will be on Wednesday, October 5 at Dave & Busters in Vernon Hills. Social will be at 6:00 p.m. with a cash bar followed by dinner at 7:00 with Mr. Knox to speak after.

Although the meal is buffet, it IS NOT "all you can eat." In addition, if you do not RSVP by October 1 and decide to attend, you will be asked to wait until those who did RSVP have received their meals. Paid current members, both football and basketball, are invited to attend. NOA members please RSVP to Jerry Blum at jerry.blum@comcast.net.

We look forward to seeing you on October 5.

Mike Babicz
NOA General Chairman








From President--- Dave Butts (mccbutts@yahoo.com ) 

At large ---Dan Schuster    ( dschuster.fb@gmail.com )


Football meetings



Meetings to be held at Grayslake Central HS. Please enter at the front entrance.



Newer officials 6:30 - 7 pm, general meeting 7 - 8:30 pm.




August 24      -         Hudl presentation  -  Doug King

                                Mike Maloney – Marian Central Head Football Coach, Basketball official


August 31      -          Kicks and coverage  -  Tom Zelek


September 7   -         Part 1 rules and test review 


September 14  -        The Running Game  -  Paul Black


September 21  -        Holding  -  Ted LePucki


September 28  -        Confirming topic and presenter   







President – Chuck Valle

At large --- Jason Boston

NOA Basketball Meetings Plan

2016-2017 Season

The NOA Basketball Division meeting plan consists of five sessions with each session having a specific emphasis.   Also added to these topics will be the related subjects in:

 Rule 4 - Definitions      Rule 9 - Violations and Penalties      Rule 10 - Fouls and Penalties 

                           Session I    October 12     7:00 PM

Concussion Management Program

Guest speaker – Jeff Schwarz    Clinician, Assigner

Rule 1   Court and Equipment

Rule 2   Officials and Their Duties

Rule 3   Player, Substitutes and Equipment


Session II   October 19      7:00 PM

         Guest speaker – Fred Allman      Clinician, Assigner

NFHS Basketball Rules Changes for 2016-2017

Rule 5   Scoring and Timing Regulations



Session III  October 26      7:00 PM

    Coaches Night – talk to the high school coaches

    Rule 6   Live Ball and Dead Ball

    Rule 7   Out of Bounds and Throw In


                       Session IV  November 2     7:00 PM

                                 Guest Speaker – Barry Mano    Publisher, Referee Magazine

                                 Rule 8   Free Throws

                                 IHSA Basketball Examination Questions preparation


                       Session V   November 9      7:00 PM

                                  Rules review

                                  IHSA Basketball Examination Questions preparation



Special Olympics Volunteers

A special thanks to all of the following for volunteering their time and talents to help out at Special Olympics Flag Football on August 21.

The following officials volunteered to officiate the Tournament at Stevenson H. S. on August 21st.

Tom Cappelen, Kevin Lindell, Tom Lowe, Tom Quilan, Ninos Shaoul, Robbie King, Vince Cannon,Mike, Zuckerman, Steve Murzyn, Jerry Blum, Darrell Schrag, Brian Guimon, Doug Groot

NOA Logo Gear


The NOA has a new Logo. The cost to have it embroidered on your   shirt, shorts,

windbreaker,   bag, or any other article you would like  is $12.50. Mike Geske   can

order   items for you and then embroider the logo on it for you. The logo can be put

on in  any color in. If you have any questions you can contact Mike at Brogins Inc.

(847) 623-5992.


IHSA Member Insurance


As an official and a member of the IHSA you are covered by Insurance while you are working. To view your coverage follow the steps below:


-go to the IHSA official’s website

-on the left side, under Personnel Data, go down till you see  Officials  Insurance

-click on that link and the page containing your benefits will show up.


This insurance covers you while you are involved in officiating activities.  For further info contact one of the numbers on the data page.


Personal Info-

Please send me any promotions or other information you would like to share with the NOA members.


Congratulations to the following members for their achievements:


Send me any promotions you may qualify for or any Honors you receive.




Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting will be in September 12, 2016. If you have anything you

want to be discussed, at future meetings, please send me an e-mail.