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Welcome to the Fall edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2016-2017 school year. Please
feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you. 
If   there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.
NOA Northern Officials’ Association
Winter  Edition   11/26/16
Jerry Blum --Editor
(847) 438-2231             
NOA Officers (2016-2018)
General Chairman:  Mike Babicz
Secretary:  Jerry Blum
Treasurer:  Randy Steen
Membership Chairman: Pete Androus
FB President:  Dave Butts
BB President: Ken Pink


Please send any pictures you have of yourself officiating to Darnell Jones so he can post them on facebook. His e-mail idjay1960@gmail.com

The next board meeting is Monday,  January 9th  if you have any items you would like to be considered please let a board member know.


3 Football
From President--- Dave Butts (mccbutts@yahoo.com
At large ---Dan Schuster    ( dschuster.fb@gmail.com )

Football Playoffs

Ist Round
George Lewerenz, Chuck Popp, Tim Hillebrand, Doug King, Pete Androus, Glen Nielsen,
Jerry Blum, Mike Babicz, Howard Harris, Tom Vogan, Peter Tombasco

2nd Round
Steve Doty, John Widmayer, Jerry Eiserman, Pete Merkel, Dan Schuster, Mike Zuckerman,

3rd Round
Dave Butts, Jim Bernardi, Peter King, Randy Steen, Mark Thompson, Darryll Schrag,

Fall 2016 Whistling Zebra           -             Football Division

Thank you to the members who participated in the weekly football meetings. Overall, I believe the 2016 football season was a success. The weekly football meetings averaged 28 – 35 members.

I think adding video review to the weekly meetings was very helpful. I will continue this in the 2017 meetings. I would like to especially acknowledge John Widmayer’s crew for their willingness to show plays from their games.

I would like to say Thank You to the volunteers who worked the Grayslake scrimmages: 

Mike Zuckerman, Darrell Schrag, Tom Lowe, Tom Cappelen, Kevin Lindell, Mike Citrano, Doug Cherry, Mike Gigiano, Gordon Jesme and Mike Powell

And the Grayslake Powder Puff contests:

Robby King, Gordon Jesme, Mike Stephans, Jerry Eiserman and Todd Griglin

An early Thank You to Todd Griglin’s crew as they have volunteered to work the 2017 Grayslake Central scrimmage. I am still looking for 3 volunteers to complete the Grayslake North scrimmage. Please email me at mccbutts@yahoo.com if you are available to support the NOA by volunteering.

I am looking for presentation topics and individuals interested in presenting. If you have an idea for a presentation, or are interested in presenting at a 2017 football meeting, please email me at mccbutts@yahoo.com.  

One final note. There were several games this season in the NFL, College and IHSA where officials mis-applied rules. Of special note is the Central Michigan vs Oklahoma State and the IHSA semi-final game where a period was extended due to a mis-application of the rules. It is imperative as officials that we continue to read the rule book, case book and further our study of the rules in the off season. I don’t recall any newspaper articles that criticized the officials for making or missing a judgement call. It’s the letter of the law, the rules, that everyone wants to criticize the officials about. It is inevitable, at one time or another, as officials, we all make mistakes. That is part of the game. What we want to do is minimize the chances of making a major mistake and we can minimize our risk by studying the rules, attending meetings and clinics and asking questions and quizzing each other to make ourselves better. Good luck in your off season routine.

Please feel free to email me at mccbutts@yahoo.com or call my cell at (847) 875-4908 if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the NOA football division.

Happy Holidays and Good Luck to you in the off season.



Basketball   4
President – Ken Pink
At large --- Jason Boston
NOA Basketball Meetings
2016-2017 Season
10/12- Jeff Schwarz 
10/24-Coaches panel-
Don Kloth - former boys varsity coach Zion Benton. Current boys sophomore coach Warren
Steve Ikenn - girls varsity coach Grayslake Central
Tim Borries - girls varsity coach Antioch
Paul Brettner - girls varsity coach Vernon Hills
Michael Kaufman - assistant girls varsity coach Lake Zurich
10/31-Review part 1 test
Doug King – HUDL presentation and you make the call slides.
11/9-Fred Allman
Special Olympics Volunteer5

NOA Logo Gear6

The NOA has a new Logo. The cost to have it embroidered on your   shirt, shorts,
windbreaker, bag, or any other article you would like  is $12.50. Mike Geske   can
order items for you and then embroider the logo on it for you. The logo can be put
on in  any color in. If you have any questions you can contact Mike at Brogins Inc.
(847) 623-5992.

IHSA Member Insurance

As an official and a member of the IHSA you are covered by Insurance while you are working. To view your coverage follow the steps below:

-go to the IHSA official’s website
-on the left side, under Personnel Data, go down till you see  Officials  Insurance
-click on that link and the page containing your benefits will show up.

This insurance covers you while you are involved in officiating activities.  For further info contact one of the numbers on the data page.

Personal Info- Please send me any promotions or other information you would like to share with the NOA members.


Congratulations to the following members for their achievements:

Jerry Blum will be inducted into the Lake County High School Sports Hall of Fame on
January 21, 2017. The ceremony will be between the women’s and men’s game at the College
Of Lake County.

Board Meetings
The next Board Meeting will be in January 9, 2017. If you have anything you
want to be discussed, at future meetings, please send me an e-mail.