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NOA Northern Officials’ Association


Winter 2014 Edition   3/25/14

Jerry Blum --Editor

(847) 438-2231             


NOA Officers (2012-2014)

·      General Chairman:  Rocky Nelson

·      Secretary:  Jerry Blum

·      Treasurer:  Randy Steen

·      Membership Chairman:  Mike Babicz

·      FB President:  Dave Butts

·      BB President: Darnell Jones


This is an Election year. Voting will take place on line and

at the Banquet on April 30th. We will be voting for:


General Chairman






Membership Chairman

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself please send a note to

Jerry  Blum @    jerry.blum@comcast.

Please send a note with a write up about  the candidate to Jerry Blum by

April 5th.

I will confirm with your nominee that they do intend on running.

I will then send out a ballot with all the info. Voting will take place between

April 10th and April 29th. Voting can also be done at the Banquet.



NOA Spring Banquet


The NOA Annual Banquet will be on Wednesday, April 30 at Maravelas Banquet Hall in Fox Lake.  A general meeting, including any in-person votes for board positions from members who have not already voted on line, as well general business will be held at 6:00 p.m.  A social including a cash bar will follow the meeting, with buffet dinner at 7:00.  Soda is complimentary.  Each person will receive two drink tickets for beer or non-top shelf alcoholic beverages.


Dan Klett, Wauconda HS principal and president of the IHSA Board of Directors, will be the featured speaker.  Dan has graciously offered to have a question & answer period after his opening remarks.  If you have questions you would rather have asked anonymously, please forward them to me prior to April 27.


Awards presentations will follow Dan's remarks.


Remember, the banquet is a FREE benefit, part of your annual dues.  It is open to paid and lifetime members. 


So that we may have a proper count for food, please RSVP to me at michaelbabicz@aol.com prior to April 23.  If you work baseball or softball and would still like to attend, but would be late, please let us know so we can have some food put aside for you.


We look forward to seeing you that evening.


Mike Babicz

Banquet Committee Chairman

Jim Bernardi, Randy Steen, Peter King

Banquet Committee Members   




From President--- Darrell Schrag   dschrag@us.ibm.com

Congratulations to Dave Butts (Football President 2014-16) and Dan Schuster

(At Large 2014-16). Dave and Dan will be leading the football group for the next

two years.


Congratulations to Jerry Eiserman and his crew for working the

3A State Championship Football Game

3A State Football  Championship Crew


Left to Right

Pete Merkel(NOA),  John Widmayer(NOA), Jerry Eiserman(NOA), Alan Jackson(NOA), Jeff Brice(EAOA)





Congratulations to Dave Butts and his crew for working the 5A State Championship Football Game




 Left to Right


John Long,  Tom Pence,  Ted LePucki,  Dave Butts (NOA),  Tom Zelek



President – Darnell Jones    djay1960@gmail.com

Congratulations to Steve Bellmore (Basketball President 2014-15) and Mike

Snodgrass (At Large 2014-15). Steve and Mike will be leading the basketball group for the next two years.

Special Olympics Basketball


The following NOA members donated their time to officiate for the Special Olympics State Qualifying Basketball tourney at Hersey H. S. on Jan. 19th. Thanks for your support. Unfortunately the tournament scheduled for Jan 26th was cancelled because of weather. Thanks to those who volunteered to work that tourney also.


Jerry Blum, Jonathan Choi, Michael Fehr, Gary Hutter, Nonos Shaoul, and Cabrina Williams-Leneau


State Tournament


The following members worked the Special Olympics State Tournament the weekend of March 14-16th:

Mike Babciz, Tom Vogan, Vince Cannon, Jerry Blum


Girls State Tournament Officials


1 & 2A




Mike Babicz, Jerry Blum, Ron Lorenzo, Jeff Schwarz, Ethan Nussbaum, Pete Merkel, Mark Havlic, Steve Doty, Dave Lopshire, Tom Vogan, Jerry Ming, Steve Bellmore, Bill McIntee, Dennis Marach,

Ethan Nussbaum,






Ethan Nussbaum, Jerry Blum, Mark Havlic, Jay Lampel,




Jerry Blum


State Finals


Jerry Blum


3 & 4A




Mike Babicz, Ron Lorenzo, Jeff Schwarz, Ethan Nussbaum, Steve Gibble, Pete Merkel, Mark Havlic,  Steve Doty, Dave Lopshire, Tom Vogan, Ken Pink, Mike Maloney, Darnell Jones, Steve Bellmore, Terry Herlihy, Bill McIntee, Dennis Marach, Dave Butts, Cabrina Williams-Leneau, John Boyke, Ron Kaye, Jay Lampel, Bob Selz, Tim Robbins, Phil Bruckman, Troy Whalen, Randy Steen, Ken Molinari, Greg Gunhus, Tom Brophy, Jim Bernardi, Mike Havenga,




Mike Babicz, Ron Lorenzo, Jeff Schwarz, Steve Gibble, Pete Merkel, Steve Doty, Ken Pink, Darnell Jones, Dave Butts, Cabrina Williams-Leneau, Jay Lampel, Phil Bruckman, Troy Whalen,




Ron Lorenzo, Steve Gibble, Troy Whalen, Dave Butts


State Finals


Steve Gibble, Ron Lorenzo




Girls State Finals Officials


Jerry Blum (1 & 2A),    Steve Gibble (3 & 4A),      Ron Lorenzo (3 & 4A)





Boys State Tournament Officials

1 & 2A



Steve Doty


3 & 4A



Steve Doty, Mark Havlic, Jim Bernardi, Darnell Jones, Tom Vogan, Mike Babicz, Jerry Blum,

Ken Pink, Dave Butts, Randy Steen, Peter King, Rich Petersen, Phil Schmitt, Don Swanson,

Rocky Nelson, Pete Merkel, Jay Lampel, Jerry Ming, Mike Snodgrass, Craig Bunton, Robert Miller,

Mike Maloney, Mike Geske,




Randy, Steen, Peter King, Phil Schmidt, Mike Geske





NOA Logo Gear


The NOA has a new Logo. The cost to have it embroidered on your  shirt, shorts,

windbreaker, bag, or any other article you would like  is $12.50. Mike Geske  can

order items for you and then embroider the logo on it for you. The logo can be put

on in  any color in. If you have any questions you can contact Mike at Brogans Inc.

(847) 623-5992.


Personal Info-

Please send me any promotions or other information you would like to share with the NOA members.




Mike Powell was promoted to “R” in Basketball,

Mark Murphy was promoted to “R” in Basketball





IHSA    License Renewal


You need to renew your IHSA license between May 1st and June 30th  2014.
All renewals must be done online.




Voting on changes to the by-laws concerning the members of the voting

Members of the Board.



The NOA Board recommends the following changes to the By-Laws:


1.  Article II, Section 2 will be revised to reflect the following:

        Board of Directors - The board of directors shall be composed of past general chairpersons, the president of each sport division, the immediate past president of each sport division, an assignment chairperson for each sport division, and one elected member from each sport division.


2.  The following paragraph will be added to Article II, Section 3:

         The voting members of the governing board will consist of the general chairman, immediate past general chairman, secretary, treasurer, membership chairman, and sport division presidents.  All other members of the governing board will act in an advisory capacity.


The effect of the by-law changes will remove the past sport presidents from the governing board, limit each sport division to one vote, and limit the voting of the past general chairpersons to only the immediate past general chairperson.



Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting is May 5, 2014. If you have anything you

want to be discussed, at future meetings, please send me an e-mail.