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Northern Officials Association
WINTER Edition (11-25-13)
Jerry Blum --Editor
(847) 438-2231

Welcome to the WINTER edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2013-2014 school year.
Please feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you. If  there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.


NOA Officers (2013-2014)

• General Chairman: Rocky Nelson
• Secretary: Jerry Blum
• Treasurer: Randy Steen
• Membership Chairman: Mike Babicz
• FB President: Dave Butts
• BK President: Steve Belmore
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Football From President--- Darrell Schrag dschrag@us.ibm.com

I would like to thank everyone for another great football season. It is encouraging to me to see the members come to meetings each week. I am always enlightened by the lively discussions we have on everything football (and other interesting topics). If you look at the demographics of the members, you can see that we have some very veteran officials that regularly attend and contribute to the growth of all of us. And we also have a group of up and coming new officials that I believe will help keep the NOA strong for years to come.

Two things to keep in mind moving forward. The best recruitment tool we have for new members is our existing members. If you hear of anyone interested in trying this challenging hobby, please encourage them to get connected to the NOA. Also, I have always tried to get members to speak at meetings. I would encourage anyone to reach out to Dave Butts and ask to speak. It is a great way to get yourself in front of the NOA members and I believe you learn as much as a speaker as you do by listening to a topic being presented.

Assuming nothing changes, I will again be teaching the IACO new football officials class next summer. I hope to see some of you there.

Thanks, Darrell Schrag

Congratulations to Dave Butts (Basketball President 2014-16) and Dan Schuster At Large 2014-16). Dave and Dan will be leading the basketball group for the next two years.

Football Playoff Assignments

First Round: Dan Schuster, Tim Neargarder, Peter Tombasco, Pete Androus, Tom Vogan, Mike Babicz, Jerry Blum, Mike West, Elmer Klein, Wes Kruger, Glen Nielson, Dean Kehr

Second Round: Doc Wolf, Steve Doty, Jim Bernardi, Randy Steen, Howard Harris

Quarter Finals: Mark Thompson

Semi-Finals: Mark Zuckerman, Darrell Schrag, Tom Lowe, Kevin Lindell

Finals: John Widmayer, Jerry Eiserman, Al Jackson, Pete Merkel, Dave Butts

State Finals Chain Crew 1A Championship Game: Jerry Blum, Dan Schuster, Wes Kruger


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Basketball President – Darnell Jones djay1960@gmail.com

My fellow officials,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity I had as your Basketball President the past couple of years. It was a job I enjoyed and at times had a lot of fun doing. I hope I met at least most if not all of your expectations when it came to leading and setting up training, speakers and presenters.

My congratulations goes out to Steve Bellmore your new Basketball President for the next two season or more. I'm sure he'll service the NOA well.

Please try to make the socials at the beginning of each month during the season. It's and great opportunity to get questions you may have answered or just to sit back and discuss the weird play of the day. Keep an eye out for updated locations. The website has the dates. Have a great season and be safe and stretch before each game. I'll see most of you somewhere around the hardwood.

Darnell Jones

Special Olympics Basketball

As basketball season approaches it is time to start thinking about giving back to the sport and the players. Below is a note from Sue Foege giving the dates for Special Olympics Basketball. If you have never refereed Special Olympics you are missing out on a very special experience. Clear your calendars now and make plans to join us for this great cause. More information will be coming out soon.

I hope all is going well for you as we are headed into football and basketball season! And before we know it, Special Olympics basketball will be here. I wanted to get you dates for our tournaments that we have coming up.

December 8 – Holiday tournament – Hersey High School
January 19 – High School Tournament – Hersey High School
January 26 – Senior Male Team – Deerfield High School
January 26 – Senior Male Team – TBD – hopefully Jacobs High School, but NOT at Vernon Hills

I will send you out a sheet as I typically do and hopefully you can forward it on. I want to make sure I have the other location set before I do that. Let me know if you have any questions – we are looking forward to a great tournament – and hoping the weather cooperates with us again!

Let me know if you have any questions – and if you could also confirm that you receive this, that would be great!


Mark on your calendar Wednesday, April 30, 2014 for the annual NOA Banquet at Maravela's Banquet Hall in Fox Lake. More information will be in future newsletters and emails. Remember, this is part of your dues.

Have a great season or postseason, whichever is coming up for your sport.

Again....if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

NOA Logo Gear


The NOA has a new Logo. The cost to have it embroidered on your shirt, shorts, windbreaker, bag, or any other article you would like is $12.50. Mike Geske can order items for you and then embroider the logo on it for you. The logo can be put on in any color in. If you have any questions you can contact Mike at Brogins Inc. (847) 623-5992.

Personal Info-

Please send me any promotions or other information you would like to share with the NOA members.

Promotions: Football

Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting will be on Janurary 13, 2014.
If you have anything you want to be discussed, at future meetings, please send me an e-mail.