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Whistling Zebra

Fall 2006 Edition
Jerry Blum , Editor

Welcome to the Fall edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2006-2007 school year. Please feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you.  If there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.

********* Special Notice to all NOA members***********

This is to inform the entire membership that as of the summer 2006 edition of the Whistling Zebra we will be going electronic. That means that each of you will receive an e-mail, hopefully with the newsletter attached, or you can find the Newsletter posted on the website. You will have to go to the NOA website to read it. If you are unable to receive e-mail you will have to let me know. Please make sure that Randy Steen has your correct or preferred e-mail to receive these notifications. This change will save money on printing, labeling, and postage. 

******* Reminder –Personal info and schedule must be updated on the IHSA
website by December 6, 2006.

NOA Officers (2006-2008)

  • General Chairman:   Don Swanson
  • Secretary:  Jerry Blum
  • Treasurer:  Randy Steen
  • Membership Chairman:  Mike Roseman
  • FB Assignment Chairman:  Bob Brown
  • BB Assignment Chairman:  Mike Babicz
  • BA Assignment Chairman:  Vince Cannon
  • FB President:  Tom Vogan
  • BB President:  Rocky Nelson
  • BA President:  Ron Guy

Fund Donations- Donations for The Norm Geske Fund, and The Bob Brown Fund can be made any time by writing a check to N O A and sending it to Randy Steen at 2157 N. Dogwood Ln., Palatine Il 60074.

NOAFORUMS.ORG---This is a new web-site created by Bruce Ruttenberg for the NOA. This
Web-site is for Football, Basketball, and Baseball. You can log on and post questions and offer your
Answers to questions already posted. This can be a great tool to get information on plays and rulings
that comes up during the season. Make sure you visit often.
Football Division
From President--- Tom Vogan
Playoff  Football  Assignments
High School
1st Round—Bob Brown, Randy Steen ,George Lewerenz, Brian Lewerenz, Charles Popp,
Steve Doty, Jay Rhode, Jim Kruschwitz, Terry Stephenson
Ron Sapochak, Ed Tyrrell, Jim Koczersut, Tom Vogan, Mike Babicz, Mike Zuckerman,
Darrell Schrag, Ballard Graham
2nd RoundAl Smigiel, Peter King, Patrick Murphy, Tom Toman, Peter Tombasco, Mike Roseman,
3rd  Round--- Ron Mohler, Tom Zelek, Dave Butts
4th  Round---Jim Bernardi, Mark Thompson, John Widmayer, Jerry Eiserman, Ed Moricoli,
Alan Jackson

Frank Moscardini has been selected to work the Chicago Prep Bowl on Nov. 24, 2006.

Peter King was selected to work a Division III playoff game at UW Whitewater on Nov. 18, 2006.
Congratulations to everyone who was selected to do Playoff football this year.

Basketball   President -- Rocky Nelson
Referee’s nights out  Journey’s End, Dec, 8 Brown Night ( donations will be accepted, suggestion 1 game fee) Let’s make this another big success.
 Jan. 5 NOA Night Out, Feb.2 NOA Night Out. All meetings were at Mundelein H. S. at 7 pm.

This was an outstanding year for attendance at our meetings. We averaged around 50 members/guests.
We have increased our Basketball membership by about 25. Thanks to those who brought in new members.
New members are our life blood, so keep up the good work.

A special thanks to Kurt Gibson for taking time to speak with us. I also want to thank our members Tom Brophy, Steve Gibble and Jerry Blum who made presentations to the group. 
Any questions contact Rocky at    

From Mike Babicz
A reminder to all NOA basketball officials. The NOA board has decided to use Jay Lyons Quickbase as a site to look at for officials availability. Assignors will be notified that this will be the best place to find officials open dates. The site address is . Also you can put your availability on the with Jerry Ming. Please post your 2006-2007 open dates on these sites.
If you are interested in lower level or Sophomore dates in the CSL from Jerry Heidlauf contact me at  Get your requests in now as Jerry wants to fill these as soon as possible.

All the Quentin Rd. dates have been filled as of 11/16/06.

The Special Olympics Application is on the web-site. The dates in our area are Jan. 21, 2007 at Hersey and Jan. 28, 2007 at Deerfield/ Vernon Hills. Let’s have another great showing by the NOA. If you have never worked these games it is a very rewarding experience.

Personal Info
If you attain a new level during the year please let me know so that you can be mentioned in the Newsletter. Everyone should be proud of their advancement. Check the Official’s Handbook and the IHSA website for more details on the process. Remember every time you advance you give someone else hope.

            Jan Sheinson was promoted to Recognized in Basketball.
            Brian Lewerenz was promoted to Certified in Football.
            Bob Blum was promoted to Certified in Football.
            Jerry Mazzone was promoted to Certified in Football.
            Edward Moricoli Has a new address, 1132 Blakely St., Woodstock, Il  60098
to Cathy Landgren and Mike Babicz on their exchanging wedding vows on
 Oct. 1, 2006 at Lake Geneva Raceway