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Whistling Zebra


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Northern Officials’ Association
Summer  2010 Edition   9/5/10
Jerry Blum, Editor
(847) 438-2231

Welcome to the Summer  edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2010-2011 school year. Please feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you.  If  there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.

NOA Officers (2010-2012)

  • General Chairman:  Rocky Nelson
  • Secretary:  Jerry Blum
  • Treasurer:  Randy Steen
  • Membership Chairman:  Bruce Ruttenberg
  • FB Assignment Chairman:  Bob Brown
  • BB Assignment Chairman:  Mike Babicz
  • FB President:  Darrell Schrag
  • BB President: Troy Whalen

Fund Donations- Donations for The Norm Geske Fund, and The Bob Brown Fund can be made any time by writing a check to N O A and sending it to Randy Steen at 2157 N. Dogwood Ln., Palatine Il 6007

 A congratulations letter and a check for a $1,000 scholarship to Northern Michigan University was send to Mark Zdanewicz of Buffalo Grove High School.  Mark was awarded the Norm Geske Scholarship from BGHS, plans to play football at the Division 3 school in Marquette, Michigan, and study criminal justice.

Hopes he enjoys snowmobiling too!

Membership Chairman Report- Bruce Ruttenberg
Members your dues are now due for the 2010-2011 school year. Please send your dues to Bruce Ruttenberg, 447 Harmony Dr., Wheeling, Il   60090. Make the check out to NOA.

#2 Football
From President -- Darrell Schrag



From President -- Troy Whalen  or

Here are the dates and presenters for the 2010-2011 school year.
NOA basketball meeting dates and updates,
Oct 13, 2010    Ron Olesiak.
Oct 20, 2010    CSL assigner Jeff Swartz/Rules Interp, Harry Bohn.
Oct 27, 2010    Coaches round table, six coaches. Two confirmed so far, (Mundelein, Highland Park & Zion). Stand by Speaker NOA.
Nov 03, 2010    Athletic Trainer/NOA speaker (S) Rocky Nelson & Tom Brophy.
Nov 10, 2010    Part one test review/NOA speaker Dave Butts. (Presentation on mechanics including several video clips) (if time permits).

From Mike Babicz NOA Assignment Chairman

NOA will be supplying officials for Quentin Road Christian School/Dayspring Bible College in Lake Zurich continuing a practice the NOA has had since 1980.

Thanks to all who helped at the 1st annual College of Lake County Boys' Varsity High School Bob Brown Shootout presented by the NOA.  The tournament was like high school basketball is supposed to be played.....the players played, the coaches coached, the fans cheered and the officials officiated. Special thanks to Joe Paul, new CLC men's basketball head coach, and the CLC staff for working with us to put on the event.  Plans are underway for a second event next summer, more than likely the same second weekend of June, with an expansion to either include a second sight or more teams.  We will again be looking for volunteers, so please try to keep yourself open that Friday.  Shootout t-shirts will be available whenever I am at a NOA meeting.  Suggested donation is $10.00.  I have virtually all sizes left. 

Thanks also to all of you who worked the first summer which I assigned at the CLC Boys Summer League.  We had quite a few officials who had the opportunity to work 3-person ball and a very high level of ball who had not had that opportunity before, plus had some very experienced officials working with them which provided a good mix.  If you have any feedback for how it went, please let me know.

Regarding Quentin Road Christian School and Dayspring Bible College, originally plans were to have their schedules by now, however, I have not received them as of yet.  I hope to have them before Sept. 1.  Those of you who I have spoken to or who have expressed an interest, I understand other assignors are filling schedules and if you don't wish to wait, I will fit you in where I can.  If you have any interest or concern, please feel free to email me is best. 

If you aren't doing another sport, please make sure you are getting yourself ready.  As is said by many clinicians, assignors and officials, each year, we get older but the matter if they are girls or boys....stay 13-18 or so....and they are in better and better shape it seems.  You owe it to yourself and them to be ready.  As an assignor, that is one of the things I hear from coaches, ADs and other and so really knows the rules and might even be a certified official, but they seem out of shape and that is why they are requested by those just mentioned to not work varsity or upper level games.  Please get yourself in shape and ready.

Remember Special Olympics coming up in January and February.  There are some changes going on with their districts and there might be some changes with sites and dates of tournaments.  Keep in touch and listening.  These games have always been on Sundays, so if you can give up some feeder or traveling games those weekends, or can work a couple SO games into your schedule, no matter what level you may work, please try to do so.  The turnout last year was outstanding and once again we had a great group of NOA officials go downstate for the finals.  Congratulations also go out since he doesn't like to toot his own horn to Jerry Blum as he worked the SO Nationals this summer....that is something you have to apply and be assigned to.  Way to go Jerry.

On a personal note, thank you to the NOA and its many individual members who were most supportive to my wife, Cathy, myself and our family during my mother-in-law's failing health and eventual passing.  The support of our officiating family was and is always appreciated.

I look forward to working with you all once again this season.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and get ready for the season!

Mike Babicz
NOA Basketball Assignment Chairman

NOA/AOS Joint Meeting

The combined meeting this year is Oct.6 at Hackney's at 7pm. Jim Lapetina will be the guest speaker. Jim is a longtime NFL official and is from the Chicago area. This is a must attend meeting. Come out and renew old friendships and meet new officials. We will see you on the 6th at the Lake Zurich Hackney’s.

NOA Banquet Survey

This survey is to help the Board hold our annual Banquet at a place and time when the most members would be able to attend. We would also like to have a program that members would like to participate in.  Please respond to Jerry Blum by answering the six questions. All you have to do is list the number and  put your answer next to it. You can not just click on the question and respond, you have to type the number and put your answer next to the number. You will be receiving the survey in a few days in a separate e-mail.

Personal Info- Please send me any promotions or other information you would like to share with the NOA members

Tim Buckley was promoted to Certified in Basketball.
Jerry Blum was promoted to Certified in Football.
Pete Androus was promoted to Recognized in Football.
Jeff Schell was promoted to Recognized in Football.

Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting will be September 13, 2010. If you have anything you want to be discussed please send me an e-mail.