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Whistling Zebra

Spring 2005 Edition
Randy L. Steen, Editor

NOA Banquet

The Board of Directors cordially invites you to the 2005 NOA Banquet on April 30th at Parkway by the Lake.  The banquet is FREE for all members, lifetime members, and special guests.  This year we have again invited the IHSA tournament administrators and several assignment chairman as our special guests.  The meal will feature roast beef, Italian chicken breast, sliced turkey, au gratin potatoes, mashed potatoes, steamed corn, carrots, several salads, dinner rolls, and dessert.  Several awards will be given out from each of the three sport divisions.  I know you will be impressed by the great food and good conversation.  Cocktails begin at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m,. and the awards presentation starting around 8:15 p.m.    Parkway by the Lake is located at 25212 Lakeshore Drive in Ingleside.  The facility is located on the northern part of Long Lake, just south of Rollins and west of Fairfield Roads.  Please visit or contact Jerry Ming at (847) 587-7285 for more specific directions.   If you are certain you will be attending the banquet, please contact Randy Steen at or 847-776-2153 by April 26th.  Please be considerate and reply so that the proper food arrangements can be made.  


Congratulations to the following members on their recent promotions:             
- Bob Blum:  registered to recognized in football             
- Mark Havlic:  recognized to certified in basketball                               
- Pete Merkel:  registered to recognized in football                

2005 IHSA Officialšs Conference

Please mark your calendars for the 2005 IHSA Officialšs Conference that will be held on July 22-23rd in Peoria, Illinois.  Additional information about the conference will be sent to you by the IHSA this spring.

NOA Member Passes Away

Long-time NOA football member Tom Kinkelaar passed away in late January.  Tom officiated 1,387 football games in 49 years.  He joined the NOA in 1961 and was the treasurer for 37 years.  Tom was also the football president from 1964 to 1965.  He will certainly be missed.  A donation was given to the Keith Ryan Scholarship Fund in Tomšs memory. 

A Personal Note

The NOA sends condolences to baseball and basketball members Bob Bachochin and Steve Fabbri whose fathers recently passed away.                                                                                                                                    

IHSA Basketball Tournament Assignments

Boys AA-  State Final:          Mike Geske               
-  Sectional Final:   Mark Leffler, Peter King
-  Sectional:             Scott Klingberg, Rocky Nelson, Randy Steen, Don Swanson, Frank Wleklinski
-  Regional Final:   Jim Bernardi, Greg Burton, Robert Miller, Patrick Murphy, Rich Peterson, Tim Robbins, Phil Schmidt

Girls AA           -  State Final:          Tom Brophy

-  Super-Sectional: Scott Klingberg, Mark Leffler
-  Sectional Final:   Jim Bernardi, Steve Gibble, Ron Lorenzo, Randy Steen
-  Sectional:             Gerald Blum, Peter King, Pete Merkel, Partrick Murphy                 
-  Regional Final:    Mike Babicz, Greg Burton, Al Shiite, Jerry Ming, Frank Moscardini
-  Regional:              Bob Bachochin, Marc Hansen, Mark Havlic, Darnell Jones, Dean Kehr, Rich Peterson,
                                   Millers, Ron Sapochak, Tom Vogan, Cabrina Williams-Leneau 

Boys A              
-  Regional Final:    Robert Miller, Don Swanson
-  Regional:              Phil Schmidt

Girls A              
-  Super-Sectional: David Butts, Jerry Eiserman             
-  Regional:              Ron Lorenzo, Mike Roseman  

Highlights From the Last Board of Directors Meeting

ˇ         Four football and thirteen basketball new members were added to the roster.
ˇ         Checking account balance:  $9,829.34 (as of 12/30/04)
ˇ         Norm Geske Fund account balance:  $13,393.97 (as of 12/21/04)
ˇ         Bob Brown Fund account balance:  $1,488.00  (as of 01/19/05)
ˇ         Almost every NOA football crew received a playoff game this season.
ˇ         August 10, 2005 will be the first football meeting next season.
ˇ         Basketball meetings averaged about 35 per meeting. 
ˇ         Ken Swanson will become a Lifetime Member.
ˇ         Concerns about Mundelein High School as our meeting place were raised.
ˇ         The NOA is not yet incorporated.
ˇ         NOA dues will now be collected in August.
ˇ         Bill Swanson will be the NOAšs nominee for The Keith Ryan Scholarship in 2005.
ˇ         The top 15 list for each sport will posted on the web site and the past president of each sport is now part of the           committee who creates each top 15 list.
ˇ         It was mentioned that the fact that a non-NOA member got the girlšs basketball assignment position in the North Suburban last year was no way a negative reflection on our group.

  You can read the complete minutes of the January 19, 2005 Board of Directors meeting by visiting our web site at  

Special Remarks

ˇ          Congratulations to NOA basketball member Pete Flatebo who worked the Girls 7th Grade AA Junior High State Basketball Tournament in Bloomington-Normal in December.  Pete is an excellent official who has officiated junior high games for several years in the Northern Suburbs.  His selection to the state finals is well-deserving.  An interesting fact about the tournament is that all games were three-person!
ˇ          The Board of Directors at their recent meeting approved moving the paying of dues from March to August to better coincide with the sport seasons.
ˇ          This is my final issue as editor of The Whistling Zebra.  I have enjoyed giving the newsletter a new look and hope you have enjoyed reading it over the past three years.