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Whistling Zebra


Northern Officials Association
Winter 2010 Edition    3/20/10
Jerry Blum --Editor
(847) 438-2231

Welcome to the Winter edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2009-2010 school year. Please feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you.  If there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.

NOA Officers (2008-2010)

Elections 2010   ******************************************
At the Banquet this year we will be holding elections for the following Board positions:

-General Chairperson



-Membership Chairperson

If you are interested in running for a position or in nominating someone for a position please
let Jerry Blum know. Make sure the person you nominate is interested in holding an office in
the NOA for two years.

Fund Donations- Donations for The Norm Geske Fund, and The Bob Brown Fund can be made any time by writing a check to N O A and sending it to Randy Steen at 2157 N. Dogwood Ln., Palatine Il 6007

Membership Chairman Report

002 Football
From President--- Al Smigiel

Congratulations to the new football officers:

President:  Darrell Schrag
At Large Rep. :  Mike Roseman
Assignment Chairman :  Bob Brown

From Darrell Schrag

Football members,
Basketball season is winding down, we can all begin to look forward to the fall football season.  We have seen growth in our football numbers in the last few years and I hope that will translate to meeting attendance next year.  The NOA has somewhere close to 1000 collective years of football experience.  There is a lot to learn from each other and I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the meetings this fall.

I am beginning to put together a list of speakers.  If anyone wishes to use their years of experience to give a presentation to the group, please let me know.  We will also be having a breakout session during some of the meetings for newer officials.  If there are any officials pursuing promotions next year, please reach out to me if you need any guidance or help in the process.  Have a fun and safe summer.  Please watch the
website for meeting details.  See you at the first meeting.

Darrell Schrag
NOA Football President

From Bob Brown—Football Scrimmages--2010

We will need football crews for scrimmages week end of August 20 and 21,  Also will need some guys to work Saturday morning games the first two weeks of the season. 

Thanks Bob Brown

Basketball   004

President – Troy Whalen  or

Basketball members - thanks for your attendance and contributions at this years basketball meetings.  We averaged just over 70 members a meeting.  As we begin the on-court portion of our season, here are some important reminders and updates:

Congratulations  to Troy and Darnell for being re-elected as President and at large

2009-10 NOA Basketball Top 15 List





Randy Steen

Darnell Jones


Rocky Nelson

Jerry Blum


Don Swanson

Jim Bernardi


Darnell Jones

Troy Whalen


Rich Petersen

Mike Babicz


Tom Brophy

Ron Lorenzo


Troy Whalen

Jerry Eiserman


Robert Miller

Allan Smigiel


Phil Schmidt

Tom Vogan


Mike Babicz

Pete Merkel


Jerry Blum

Ethan Nussbaum


Ron Lorenzo

Kenneth Pink


Tim Robbins

Mark Havlic


Mark Havlic

Jay Lampel


Jay Lampel

Bob Selz

From Mike Babicz NOA Assignment Chairman

The NOA has accepted the assigning of the College of Lake County boys basketball summer league this year.  Games will be played on Tuesdays at CLC with starting times to be determined.  League dates are June 8 - July 13.

Presently we are working to offer a IHSA sanctioned camp with Rocky Nelson as coordinator.  Tentative plans call for classroom on June 7 and officials working games starting June 8 until they have enough games in to qualify.  Clinic attendees who volunteer to work 3-person would receive credit, but not pay.  Those working games having not attended the camp would be compensated $25/game by CLC. 

Plans are also in the works for a 4-team round-robin boys high school summer shootout....the 1st Annual Bob Brown - NOA - CLC Summer Shootout.  Officials would be asked to donate one game(3-person) in support of the Bob Brown fund.  CLC is providing the facility, some volunteers to help man scoring tables, etc.  CLC will handle concessions and keep and proceeds from those.  CLC will make a donation to the Bob Brown Fund in place of paying the officials.  Two games would be held simultaniously on a Saturday morning beginning at 9 a.m., 10:15 a.m. and 11:30.  20-Min. running clock with last two minutes of each half being regulation.  THERE WOULD BE NO OVERTIME as a tournament "champion" is not the focus of this event.  All players would receive FREE t-shirts(we are looking for a sponsor).  The exact date will be announced via email soon.  It would be no sooner than June 5 and no later than July 10(that date is very unlikely due to the holiday weekend).  We are working to make sure the date does not conflict with any other shootouts in the area.

Officials interested in working the league or volunteering to officiate the tournament should email Mike Babicz, NOA Basketball Assignment Chairman, asap

I have had several meetings and discussions with Jeff Schwarz, the new Central Suburban League assignment chairman, regarding NOA officials and the 2010-11 season.  Make sure if you are interested in working for him you contact him directly.  At this time, I HAVE NOT received any dates to assign as was the practice in the past.  If this does occur, I will send out an email advising the procedure for being assigned those games.  In the meantime, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME REGARDING WORKING THE CSL.  Contact Jeff Schwarz directly, but be advised, you will be one of MANY he is hearing from.

Make sure to keep Quickbase and Arbitor availability sites up dated even now and during the summer.  Assignors are already working on 2010-11 seasons.

Have a great off season.....get to a camp....go for promotion....stay in shape and enjoy your summer.

Mike Babicz
NOA Basketball Assignment Chairman

News and Notes

From Steve Taylor

Well, we haven't done an "old fashioned" news and notes for awhile, so here goes:
Basketball Officials-I attended the Fox Valley Girl's Basketball coaches meeting on  Saturday and this was actually a productive meeting.
A couple of "general concerns" that they brought up. The FVC coaches are concerned about officials being afraid to make calls outside their primary, and quite a few mentioned that officials had told them "It's not my call". I would hope that none of you would ever say that to a Basketball coach, but if it's in your vocabulary, LOSE IT! I didn't see it, I can't tell from here if she hit her or not, etc. are all acceptable, but put IT'S NOT MY CALL on your list of things to never say to a coach. And switching hats from my assignor hat to my official's hat, I would ask that if you're working with me and a player gets hammered in front of me and I don't call it, PLEASE MAKE THE CALL!   We're a team and I'm too old to have an ego-as long as we as a group get the play right I'm a happy camper!
Also, at the lower levels, they're concerned about officials not hustiling up and down the floor (And I've seen this) They understand that officials make mistakes and that often times you'll miss calls, but one thing that really irritates coaches is officials who aren't "trying". We agreed we'd rather have a first year official giving 100% on a game,  even  if they're kicking calls than a veteran official who doesn't make it across half court.

State Tournament Basketball Officials

Girls Regional-
Jerry Eiserman, Pete Merkel, Cabrina Williams, Jan Sheinson, Bruce Ruttenberg, Ethan Nussbaum, Jerry Ming, Troy Whalen, Jim Kauss, Ron Mohler, Tom Brophy, Steve Doty, Tom Vogan, John Davis,Al Hitzke, Bob Selz, Jim Kruschwitz, Mark Havlic, Joe Maher, Patrick Murphy, Robert Miller, Greg Burton, Jim Steiner, Ken Molinari
Ron Lorenzo, Mike Babicz, Al Smigiel, Ken Pink, Steve Gibble
Jerry Blum
Darnell Jones, Randy Steen, Jim Bernardi, Dave Butts

Boys Regional-
Scott Klingberg, Don Swanson, Jerry Blum, Troy Whalen, Bob Selz, Mark Leffler, Rocky Nelson, Craig Bunton, Mike Babicz, Rich Petersen, Ken Molinari
Robert Miller, Peter King, Rocky Nelson, Phil Schmidt, Craig Bunton
Craig Bunton
Mike Geske, William Smith

The NOA has had six officials work the State Finals this year.
Congratulations men.

Personal Info-
Congratulations to Bob Selz who was promoted to Certified in Basketball.

Congratulations to Troy Whalen on being recognized as the Class 3A Area Baseball Coach of
the year. He was honored on Feb. 6th, 2010 at the annual IHSBCA Coaches Conference.

Congratulations to Joey Hager for working Basketball in the USADB( United States Deaf Basketball) for the last 5 years in Austin, Texas, Orlando, Florida, Riverside, California and this year in Louisville, Kentucky, April 8-11.

Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting will be TUESDAY, May. 11, 2010. If you have anything you want to be discussed please send me an e-mail.