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Whistling Zebra

Winter 2008 Edition
Jerry Blum , Editor

Welcome to the Winter edition of the Whistling Zebra for the 2007-2008 school year. Please feel free to send me suggestions on how to make this publication work for you.  If there is anything you want to have printed send it to me.

If you have not yet sent your intent to attend the NOA Banquet on May 3
at Hackneys in Lake Zurich please send it to ( )


NOA Officers (2006-2008)

  • General Chairman:   Don Swanson
  • Secretary:  Jerry Blum
  • Treasurer:  Randy Steen
  • Membership Chairman:  Mike Roseman
  • FB Assignment Chairman:  Bob Brown
  • BB Assignment Chairman:  Mike Babicz
  • FB President:  Tom Vogan
  • BB President:  Rocky Nelson

Fund Donations- Donations for The Norm Geske Fund and The Bob Brown Fund can be made any time by writing a check to N O A and sending it to Randy Steen at 2157 N. Dogwood Ln., Palatine Il 60074.

NOAFORUMS.ORG---This is a new web-site created by Bruce Ruttenberg for the NOA. This
Web-site is for Football & Basketball. You can log on and post questions and offer your answers to questions already posted. This can be a great tool to get information on plays and rulings that comes up during the season. Make sure you visit often.

From Mike Babicz

Please note that all members should keep their availability updated on quickbase and The Arbitor.  I have already had officials at ALL levels who I have been able to get games when assignors have contacted me for help at the last minute. Thanks to all who helped make this basketball season a successful one.

A couple reminders.....make sure when you take games from assignors you mark them down.  I had several experiences myself and helping out for Bob Brown where officials did not show up and said "I never had that game."  I can assure you, assignors don't just put people's names in without communicating with them in some fashion.

Quentin Road's annual boys basketball tournament will be Friday and Saturday, Jan. 16 and 17, 2009. Games are played beginning around 9 a.m. each day.  Games are assigned in pairs of two.  These are three person games.

I will be assigning them in the fall, but for those of you who enjoy going there, please keep these dates open.  I try to not assign people to more than one set per day.  Day time slots on Friday are especially difficult to fill, so those of you who feel the "flu" coming on that day are most appreciated.

Thanks again to all who helped out.

For those interested in working for Jerry Heidlauf in the Central Suburban League during 2008-09, I have quite a few underclass games he has sent me specifically for NOA members.  If you have not contacted me and wish to work these lower level games/prelims, contact me asap.  The way Jerry works it is he gives me dates and times.  He will send you your contract showing location and whether it is boys or girls.  I DO NOT have varsity dates.

Congratulations to all who received tournament assignments from the IHSA.  Once again, the NOA shows well.

Congratulations and thanks to those who are helping out by officiating the state special olympics or district tournaments.  The NOA shows it gives to worthwhile organizations without having to receive financial compensation.

Have a great off season.
Mike Babicz, NOA Basketball Assignment Chairman

Football Division
From President--- Tom Vogan

Football Officials : Here is some info you might be interested in .

Subject: Referees Needed - Charles Tillman's Celebrity Gridiron Challenge


We are in need of referees to officiate the 2008 Charles Tillman Celebrity Gridiron Challenge.  This flag football event will take place Friday, June 13 at Elmhurst College’s Langhorst Field and will benefit Charles Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundation.  We are looking to have 12 refs officiate games throughout the day.  We would ask that all refs arrive dressed in the proper attire at 12pm (black shorts are acceptable).  Games will start at 1pm and are expected to last until 6pm.  This event is for charity.  However, we will have plenty of food and drink available throughout the day.  In addition, all refs will receive a $100 credit to be used in our Pro Shop.  I've attached additional information, including game rules for this event (Please note that the times listed on this document have been changed to arrival at 12pm and the start of games at 1pm).  Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of great event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Karen Kuhlman
Legacy Management Group
812 Russell Street, Suite 200
Covington, KY 41011
(859) 331-7529 ext. 11
(859) 344-5682 (fax)

Basketball President -- Rocky Nelson

State Tournament Assignments Girls

Regionals-Steve Doty(2A), Tom Vogan(4A), Jerry Eiserman(2A), Troy Whalen(1A & 4A), Al Hitzke(3A), Jay Lampel(3A), Mike Roseman(3A), Cabrina Williams-Leneau(1A & 4A), Ethan Nussbaum(3A), Kevin Moore(4A), Bruce Ruttenberg(4A), Rich Petersen(4A), Bob Selz(3A & 4A), Jim Kauss(4A), Marc Hansen(4A), Bill McIntee(1A), Pete Merkel(4A), Keith Barnett(4A),Bob Bachochin(3A), Mark Havlic(3A), Ken Molinari(4A)

Sectionals-Jerry Blum(4A), Ron Lorenzo(4A), Mike Babicz(4A), Steve Gibble(4A), Al Smigel(4A), Steve Doty(1A), Darnell Jones(4A)

Supers-Jim Bernardi(4A), Randy Steen(3A)

Finals-David Butts(2A Championship), Mark Leffler(4AChampionship), Scott Klingberg(4A Championship), Tom Brophy(3A Championship)

State Tournament Assignments Boys

Regionals- Jeff Pearson(4A), Steve Doty(4A), Jay Lampel(4A), Phil Schmidt(2A), Jerry Blum(4A), Mike Babicz (4A)

Sectionals-Rocky Nelson(4A), Rich Petersen(4A), Randy Steen(3A), Robert Miller(4A), Don Swanson(4A),

Finals- Mike Geske( 3A Championship)

Special Olympics
Many thanks to all the NOA members who have volunteered there time to help out with Special Olympics basketball. These members have worked either or both the District and the State Finals.

Mike Babicz, Jerry Blum, Mark Havlic, Mike Roseman, Ron Lorenzo, Jim Kruschwitz, Steve Doty, Tom Vogan 

Personal Info-Congratulations to the following:
Pete Androus has been promoted to R in basketball.
Ken Molinari became a grandfather on Jan. 14th. Please welcome Ayden James Molinari (8lb. 7 oz) into the NOA.
Dan Meal has been promoted to C in basketball.
Keith Barnett has been promoted to R in basketball.
Jan Sheinson has been promoted to C in basketball.
Michael Clayton has been promoted to R in basketball.
Kurt Brown has been promoted to C in basketball.
Doug Waddelow has been promoted to R in basketball.
Jerry Blum Became a grandfather again on March 17th. Kelley Elizabeth Hobbs (8lbs. 11oz)

Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting will be May 19, 2008. If you have anything you want to be discussed please send me an e-mail.