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Whistling Zebra


Winter 2005 Edition
Randy L. Steen, Editor



New Editor


The NOA Board of Directors is looking for a new editor for this newsletter.  A stipend of $250 is given to the editor each year and all expenses incurred (copying, stamps, envelopes) are reimbursed.  The job entails creating a newsletter four times a year, folding and putting the newsletters in the envelopes, and mailing them.  If you are interested in being our next editor, please contact Randy Steen as soon as possible because the next issue of The Whistling Zebra is the beginning of April.


New Members


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest NOA members:

- Anthony Avant (basketball)              - Collin Baldonieri (football)     

- Keith Barnett (basketball)                 - Joe Bauman (basketball)            

- Steve Bellmore (basketball)              - Jerome Bondi (football)     

- John Boyke (basketball)                    - Chuck Gleason (football)     

- Heather Hobbs (basketball)               - Robert Jamie (basketball)            

- James LaKeman (basketball)            - Frank Nathan (basketball)

- Lori Opitz (basketball)                        - Bruce Ruttenberg (basketball)           

- Dale Sherman (football)                     - David Williams (basketball)            

- Larry Yasdick (basketball)  


NOA Banquet


Mark your calendars!!  The 2005 NOA Banquet has been set for Saturday, April 30, 2005 at Parkway Banquets and Catering in Ingleside.  The banquet is FREE for all members.  More details about the banquet will be in the next newsletter.


2005 IHSA Officialıs Conference


Mark your calendars for the 2005 IHSA Officialıs Conference that will be held on July 22-23, 2005 in Peoria, Illinois.  More information regarding the conference will be mailed to you by the IHSA in the spring.

The Bob Brown Scholarship Fund


The 2nd annual Bob Brown Night was held on Friday, December 3, 2004. The evening was dedicated to Bob for his contributions to high school basketball.  He has officiated basketball for nearly 40 years, been a long time member of the Northern Officials Association and has been the basketball conference assignment chairman for both the Fox Valley and North Suburban Conferences for a number of years.  A $1,000 scholarship in Bobıs name will be awarded to a senior in the Crystal Lake High School District.  Officials are encouraged to donate any amount to the fund.  However, a suggested amount is all or part of a single game fee.  Please send your donation to Randy Steen at 2157 N. Dogwood Ln ; Palatine, IL 60074.


Top 15 Lists


The top 15 lists for both football and basketball can be found on our website.  Please keep in mind that many factors go into creating each of the these lists.  If you have any questions about the lists, please contact the respective sport president.



Personal Notes


·         The NOA sends condolences to basketball member Tom Wallen whose father recently passed away. 

·         Former NOA member Bill Richey recently passed away. 

·         Tom Kinkelaarıs health has deteriorated recently.  He is now not able to see or speak, but is able to hear.  Tom is still at Victory Lakes in Room 201.




Congratulations to Cabrina Williams-Leneau for her promotion from registered to recognized in basketball.  If you get promoted (registered to recognized or recognized to certified) please contact the editor so that your name can be mentioned in the next newsletter.


2005/2006 NOA Dues


The Board of Directors recently discussed the paying of dues.  It was decided that dues will be collected in August for all three sports.  Members no longer have the option of having an assignment chairman pay their dues on their behalf from withholding a game fee.

Football Division


Football President - Mike Babicz

Football Representative - Tom Vogan


Presidentıs Comments: 

·         The first meeting for the 2005 season will be on Wednesday, August 10th. 

·         Please contact Mike Babicz at for any suggestions on topics and/or speakers for next season.


2005 Football Playoffs:

Congratulations to the football officials who worked the 2004 state tournament.  The highest level that each official worked is listed below.


·         First Round:  Mike Babicz, John Bosco, Mike Briggs, Bob Brown, Greg Hay, James 

Koczersut, Jim Kruschwitz, Ron Mohler, Patrick Murphy, Frank Rescek, John Rohde, Michael Roseman, Ron Sapochak, Terry Stephenson, Tom Toman, Peter Tombasco,

Ed Tyrrell, Tom Vogan

·         Second Round:  David Butts, Steve Doty, Joe Gattas, George Lewerenz, Kevin Lindell,

Joseph Nicchia, Stanley Perry, Charles Popp, Darrell Schrag, Fred Swanson,

Terry Wolf, Mike Zuckerman

·         Quarter Finals:  Jerry Eiserman, Alan Jackson, Ed Moricoli, John Widmayer

·         Semi-Finals:  Peter King

·         State Finals:  Jim Bernardi, Frank Moscardini, Mark Thompson


Important Date:

·         April 30 (Sat.) - NOA Banquet - Parkway Banquets in Ingleside

Basketball Division


Basketball President - Rocky Nelson

Basketball Representative - Tim Robbins


Important Dates:

·         February 4 (Fri.) - NOA Basketball Social - Journeyıs End in Mundelein

·         April 30 (Sat.) - NOA Banquet - Parkway Banquets in Ingleside




Help Needed:

·         Compiling the list of members who worked the various state basketball tournaments is difficult every year.  Please help out this year and call or email Randy Steen       ( or 847-776-2153) with the following information:

1)  Your name

              2)  The class you worked (Boys A, Boys AA, Girls A, Girls AA)

3)     The highest round you worked (regional, regional final, sectional, sectional   

      final, super-sectional, state final). 

* * I do not need the place where you worked (for example, Warren High School).

Baseball Division


Baseball President - Ron Guy

Baseball Representative - Dave Kirtz


** All regular baseball meetings will be at Mundelein High School.  Start time is 7:15 pm, with assignments starting at 7:00 pm.


Important Dates:

·         February 9 (Wed.) - First Meeting - Mundelein High School - 7:15 pm

·         February 16 (Wed.) - Second Meeting - Mundelein High School - 7:15 pm

·         February 23 (Wed.) - Third Meeting - Mundelein High School - 7:15 pm

·         February 26 (Sat.) - I.A.C.A.O. Clinic at Hinsdale South High School - 8:00 am

·         February 26 (Sat.) - IHSA Rules Meeting at Hinsdale South High School - 3:00 pm

·         March 2 (Wed.) - Fourth Meeting - Mundelein High School - 7:15 pm

·         March 8 (Tues.) - Part 1 Test and Application for Promotion Due

·         March 9 (Wed.) - Fifth Meeting - Mundelein High School - 7:15 pm

·          March 12 (Sat.) - Stateline Umpire Assoc. Clinic - Belvidere South Middle School - 9 am

·         March 12 (Sat.) - IHSA Rules Meeting - Belvidere South Middle School - 1:30 pm

·         March 15 (Tues.) - IHSA Rules Meeting - Schaumburg High School - 7:00 pm

·         March 21 (Mon.) - Part 2 Test - check your Sports Officials Handbook for more info.


Rules Study:  The following are the new baseball NFHS rule changes for the 2005 season:

·         1-3-4: Clarified the diameter of a wood bat.

·         1-3-5: Deleted rule due to its duplication in Rule 1-3-2.

·         1-4-6: Added the new NOCSAE standard requirement to face mask/guard products.

·         3-1-1: Clarifies a player is ejected per the substitution rule.

·         3-2-1: Clarifies when a coach is restricted to the bench/dugout area because of an improper uniform.

·         6-1-1: Modifies the balk rule with allowing the ³turning of the shoulders² under certain situations.