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Q. How do I become an official?A. The first thing that you need to do is to register with the Illinois High School AssociationThe following are three ways to obtain an application:

1. Call the IHSA Office (309) 663-6377 and request an application. 2. Send a written request to 2715 McGraw Dr., Bloomington, 61704,
with your name and address.
3. Visit the IHSA Web site at and fill out a request form. To acquire a New IHSA Officials License, prospective officials must:

1. Be at least seventeen (17) years of age;
2. Properly complete an IHSA application;
3. Pay the required $35.00 fee;

4. Submit the current open book rules examination by the required deadline and obtain at least an 80%;

5. Have positive character references;
By the way, the IHSA WILL check with all of your references.
6. Not have been convicted of a sexual offense, a crime against a minor, or a crime involving illegal drugs; and

7. Be in compliance with the IHSA conviction policy.

After you recieve your officiating license, you should join a local officials group. The NOA is located in Mundelein, Illinois.
We meet at Carmel High School and are very proficient in training beginning officals in the sports of FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL and BASEBALL.

Membership requirements:


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