Board of Directors

The 2015-2017 NOA Board consists of:
Last Updated on: Saturday, July 8, 2017 11:32 AM

General Chairman:
Mike Babicz
Jerry Blum
Mike Zuckerman
Membership Chairperson:
Pete Androus
Football President:
Dave Butts
Football Representative:
Dan Schuster
Basketball President:
Ken Pink
Basketball Representative:
Jason Boston
I.A.C.O. Representative:
Darryll Schrag
Norm Geske Fund:
Peter King
Bob Brown Fund:
Mike Zuckerman
Banquet Committee :
Mike Babicz, Chr.
Randy Steen
Jim Bernardi
Finance Committee :
Mike Babicz, Chr.
Mike Zuckerman


Past General Chairpersons:

Jerry Eiserman
Andy Harlfinger
Fred Swanson
John Widmayer
Jim Bernardi
Peter King
Don Swanson
Rocky Nelson email

Click HERE to READ Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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