ARTICLE I                    NAME AND PURPOSE


1. Officers
2. Board of Directors
3. Governing Board
4. Duties of Officers
5. Duties of Board of Directors
6. Duties of Governing Board
7. Fiscal Year


1. Officers
2. Sport Division Positions
3. Replacement of Elected Positions



    1. Member
    2. Criteria for Membership
    3. Lifetime Member
    4. Dues
    5. Probation and Dismissal
    6. Guest
    7. IHSA Observers Program




The name of the organization shall be:  Northern Officials Association (NOA).  It shall be the purpose of the organization to recruit, train, and mentor officials.


1. Officers - The officers of the organization shall consist of a general chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer, and a membership chairperson.

2.  Board of Directors - The board of directors shall be composed of the immedite past general chairperson, the president of each sport division and one elected member from each sport division.

3.  Governing Board - The governing board shall consist of the officers and board of directors of the organization.    

4.  Duties of Officers:
A)  General Chairperson – The general chairperson shall preside over all governing board meetings, general membership meetings, and the annual banquet.  In his/her absence, the general chairperson shall designate another officer to preside over a meeting or the banquet.  He/She shall appoint a webmaster, IACAO representative, and committees necessary for conducting the activities of the organization.  The general chairperson shall also be responsible to oversee the observers program to ensure that the association complies with all the requirements established by the IHSA.  

B)  Secretary – The secretary shall handle all correspondence for the organization, record the minutes of governing board meetings, publish newsletters, and shall be the IHSA contact.

C)  Treasurer – The treasurer shall accept dues and disburse the organization's financial obligations.  He/She shall issue an annual financial report of receipts and disbursements and report the financial condition of the organization at each governing board meeting. 

D)  Membership Chairperson – The membership chairperson shall recruit new officials and provide  information to officials seeking membership in the organization.  He/She shall introduce new officials to the members and act as their liaison.  The membership chairperson shall also compile and maintain a roster of members.

5.  Duties of Board of Directors:
A)  Past General Chairpersons – Past general chairpersons shall act as advisors to the governing board.

B)  Sport Division Presidents – The sport division presidents shall conduct the activities of the division, preside over meetings, and appoint committees to assist in conducting the activities of the division. 

Immediate Past Sport Division Presidents – The immediate past sport division presidents shall act as advisors to their respective sport president.

Elected Sport Division Members – The elected sport division members shall assist their respective sport president in conducting the activities of the division.

Duties of Governing Board - It shall act as the governing body of the organization.  It shall recommend policy to the membership for action and dictate policy not specifically covered within these articles between general member meetings.  The governing board shall meet at least twice annually.

7.  Fiscal Year - The fiscal year shall run from August 1 to July 31.


1.  Officers – In the spring of an election year, a nominating committee appointed by the general chairperson shall submit a slate of officers for general chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and membership chairperson.  Additional  nominations may be submitted by individual members. The nominating committee shall post the slate of officers on the NOA website.  The general membership shall vote, by ballot, at the general membership meeting or by email. The newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the conclusion of the current fiscal year and hold their elected position for a period of two years.

2.  Sport Division Positions – The president and elected member of each sport division shall be nominated and elected by the respective division prior to the last sport division meeting in an election year.  The newly elected sport division positions shall assume their duties at the conclusion of the respective sport season and hold their elected position for a period of two years.

3.  Replacement of Elected Positions – Should any of the elected positions be vacated during their current term of tenure due to unavoidable circumstances, it shall be the duty of the governing board to appoint an interim member to perform the duties of said position until the next sport division or general election.


Members of each division shall be notified of scheduled meetings and their location prior to the first meeting.  General member meetings shall be convened at the discretion of the governing board.  However, at least one general member meeting shall be held each fiscal year.


1.  Member – A member is one who fulfills the criteria as outlined in Article V, Section 2.  A member shall have his/her name listed on the official roster, may be elected to an officer or a sport division position, have his/her name given to the sport assignment chairperson as available for assignments, and can cast a vote for amendment changes and elections.

2.  Criteria for Membership:
A)  Attended at least 50% of the sport division meetings from the previous year.
B)  Be a member of the IHSA in the respective sport.
C)  Show evidence of service to the organization.
D)  Pay membership dues.
E)  Maintain acceptable professional conduct as defined by the governing board.

3.  Lifetime Member – A member may be granted lifetime member status upon approval from the governing board. A lifetime member is exempt from paying dues.  However, he/she is entitled to attend sport meetings and can cast a vote for amendment changes and elections.

4.  Dues – The governing board will annually determine the amount for membership dues.  Dues are payable by August 31st each fiscal year.

5.  Probation and Dismissal – Members not meeting the criteria listed in Article V, Section 2 may be placed on probation or dismissed from the organization by a seventy-five percent affirmative vote of the governing board. Any member placed on probation retains the rights as listed in Article V, Section 1.

6.  Guest – An official registered with the IHSA may be a guest of the organization for one fiscal year.  He/She may attend sport division meetings and any other function approved by the governing board.  A guest is not responsible for paying membership dues, however, he/she may attend the annual banquet and the NOA/AOS joint membership meeting upon paying the appropriate cost.

7.  The IHSA Observers Program – The general chairperson shall be responsible to oversee the observers program to ensure that the organization complies with all the requirements established by the IHSA.  Each sport president shall be responsible for the operation of the observers program in their respective sport. 

An observer must be a member of the organization, a certified official in the respective sport, and have recently received a post-season assignment from the IHSA.  In selecting observers, preference will be given to members who have worked the state finals and/or serve as an IHSA clinician.  Observers may be compensated at a rate determined by the governing board.  Observers will use a standard evaluation form for all observations. Observers will give one copy of the evaluation form to the official being observed and another copy will be held by the organization.

All new members of the association, regardless of level, are encouraged be observed at least once prior to the conclusion of the season.  All registered officials of the organization are encouraged be observed at least once every other year.


Amendments to these articles may be made by action of the governing board.  The governing board shall prepare and submit to the membership of the organization for vote, by ballot, any proposed amendments.  Amendments must be approved by two thirds of the members’ returned ballots. 

Last Updated:  April 2014